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We are dovoted to bringing the best vapor products available on the market.

Electronic Mod


Whether it’s Mechanical or Regulated we have the hottest devices available. Regulated devices allow control over the production of vapor adjustable up to 200 watts. Mechanical mods house a battery. With a simple press of a button or flip of a switch these devices connect the battery directly to the coil with no control over the output of vapor production other than the resistance of a coil.

Electronic cigarettes in society today do not resemble what they use to originally. These days it is not uncommon to see a larger or boxier devices. These new forms allow for more powerful hardware to be inserted into them which create a better vaping experience, it is a deciding factor on if some users stick with electronic cigarettes or go back to their old ways. Rest assure we can pair you with a device that meets your size, style and satisfaction.



In the early history of atomizers you had a tank with a coil head. The coil heats up a piece of cotton soaked with e-liquid, resulting in the e-liquid turning into vapor. We have come a long way since then. Tanks have vastly improved with new coil heads that handle more power with larger gauge wire, the addition of multiple coils and the ability to reach below 1 ohm of resistance. Making larger vapor clouds and more satisfaction with less nicotine.

Rebuild-able deck (RDA) atomizers produce the most vapor production. These atomizers allow you to build your own coils. Many coil builders, build coils to standards that allow for a low ohm of resistance. Perfect for the enthusiast who wants to create lots of vapor and lots of flavor. These atomizers do not have a tank stored with liquid, instead the user drips e-liquid directly onto the cotton insuring maximum saturation for the best vaping experience.



At Vape-n-flavr we carry only the finest e-juice / e-liquid. Majority of our e-juice we carry comes from our local northwest companies. We are highly selective on what we bring into our store so that we can insure that you are going to enjoy a high quality vaping experience. Check out our e-liquid page to review a menu from one of our very many different brands and delicious flavors that we carry.

Batteries & Accessories


High quality electronic cigarettes require batteries that can with stand the power requirements and the power draw that your device and coil are taking from them, and here at Vape-n-flavr we got them. If you find yourself needing other supplies such as cotton, wire, tools or doing a bit of styling looking for a new mouth tips, stickers, vape bands or lanyards. We have got you covered.