Vape Kits

We offer complete vape kits that give you everything you need to get started or upgrade from previous hardware. Each kit is offered with a mod, atomizer, and batteries. The only thing else needed to get started would be a E-liquid of your choosing.

  • Drag 2 kit
  • Drag Mini
  • Twister Freemax kit
  • Wismec Tinker kit
  • Aegis Legend kit

Box Mods

Box Mod Vape

Box Mods are great devices that come with computer controlled chips. These chips are key to ensure a safe vaping experience for novice vapers, and are generally the device of choice for daily use.

  • Aegis 100W TC Box Mod
  • SXmini G Class SX550J 200W Box Mod
  • VOOPOO VMATE 200W TC Box Mod

Tube Mods

Tube Mod Vape

These mods are for experienced vapers. Tube Mods do not include any computer controlled chips, These mods work best for rebuild-able atomizers. The vaping experience rely's on the proper pairing of coils that can handle the entire output that the battery produces.

  • Slam Piece
  • Sugar Skull
  • Pandora Blue
  • SIFI Vaperz Cloud

Stacked Tube Mods

Stacked Tube Mod Vape

Stacked Tube Mods follow all the same principals as standard tube mods. Stacked mods offer the benefit of having more than one battery running in series, allowing for increased power to a rebuild-able atomizer. Close attention to the ohm's of the coil is needed to ensure a safe vaping experience.

All Tube Mods that are listed can be a stacked mod with a stack piece that you can buy separately also some tube mods come with a stack piece already. Please only use stack pieces that are meant for your tube mod.

Salt Nic Devices

Salt Nicotine Vapes

Salt Nicotine delivers a fuller sensation of satisfaction. New vapers also choose them as a entry level device into vaping to help get off of cigarettes. Salt Nicotine Devices are often smaller and do not produce as large of a vaper cloud as non-salt nicotine devices, such as box mods.

  • Orion
  • Orion Q
  • OPS1
  • Nord
  • Boulder Rock
  • Sourin Air,
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